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Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Guide to Nonprofit Navigation As You Grow

I want to share one of my favorite nonprofit resources. The 5 Life Stages of a Nonprofit Organization: Where You Are, Where You're Going, and What to Expect When You Get There

This book has been a tremendous help to me and to my clients. It offers a great overview as well as tools to help you identify the areas of potential growth for your nonprofit. Sometimes, organizations may grow in one area (program), but not in another (board development). These gaps in growth can cause some interesting symptoms that are often painful and frustrating. Ensuring your nonprofit has the governance, financing and staff support necessary for new programs is essential for your success. I encourage nonprofit leaders to acquire a copy of this book, read it and use it with your board, development and program teams. It is a great resource on many levels, including team building.

The book includes The Wilder Nonprofit Life Stage Assessment to help you find where your organization is on its course of development. Here is just one example from the book that looks at Governance and Staff Leadership growth. The complete grid provides descriptions of all areas of an organization and the qualities of each stage in development:

Please let this blog community know your experiences with this tool.

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